Talking D&T

TD&T041 Does substantive and disciplinary knowledge work for D&T?

August 04, 2020 Dr Alison Hardy Episode 41
Talking D&T
TD&T041 Does substantive and disciplinary knowledge work for D&T?
Show Notes

Defining or categorising D&T knowledge makes my brain hurt. This week Liam Anderson and I take about whether Christine Counsell's categories of substantive and  disciplinary knowledge work for D&T.

Mentioned in this episode:
Let's talk about knowledge in D&T - event on 12th August

Christine Counsell’s definitions of substantive and disciplinary knowledge:

'Substantive knowledge is the content that teachers teach as established fact – whether common convention, concept or warranted account of reality.'

'Disciplinary knowledge, by contrast, is a curricular term for what pupils learn about how that knowledge was established, its degree of certainty and how it continues to be revised by scholars, artists or professional practice. It is that part of the subject where pupils understand each discipline as a tradition of enquiry with its own distinctive pursuit of truth.’

Quoted from: Counsell, C. 2018. Taking curriculum seriously. Impact Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching.

Marc de Vries’ book ‘Teaching about Technology: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Technology for Non-philosophers’ (ridiculously expensive!)

I mention Rittel and Weber - but I may have the wrong source! 

A knowledge-led curriculum: pitfalls and possibilities- Michael Young

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